Details of those who have contributed to the mpcmp project. Core development team:

  • Thomas Fung (Macquarie University)
  • Aya Alwan (Macquarie University)
  • Justin Wishart (Displayr)
  • Alan Huang (University of Queensland)


If you use this package to inform your model selection choices, please use the following citation:


To cite the mpcmp package in publications use:

  Huang A. (2017) Mean-Parametrized Conway–Maxwell–Poisson Regression
  Models for Dispersed Counts Statistical Modelling, 17, 359-380. <URL>

  Fung, T., Alwan, A., Wishart, J. & Huang, A. (2021) mpcmp:
  Mean-parametrized Conway-Maxwell Poisson Regression. R package
  version 0.3.7. <URL>

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